Nunta în Oaş

Radost Folk Ensemble Choreography
Nunta în Oaş

(Wedding in Oaş)

Choreography Valeriu Buciu
Music Traditional, arranged by Rachel Collias-Johnson and Glenn Nielsen
Transcribed by Nick Allison and Dave Bartley
Oaş is a small valley in northwest Romania. Life there remains largely agricultural and many of the villagers still wear their traditional costumes for Sunday dances. The wedding opens with an invitation for all to join the festivities. The groom’s friends gather first; then the bride’s friends enter the scene with the steag, a decorated flag used in the wedding ceremony. The steag is then passed to the “master of ceremonies.” The bride enters; as she dances with her friends, the men chase the women in a game of “capturing” the bride. The women throw Ţuica (plum brandy) at the men to stop them, but the bride is captured and brought forward to meet the groom. After their ritual kiss, the “master of ceremonies” leads the guests in a precession under two loaves of traditional wedding bread, and the dancing begins!
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Photo: Chris Bennion